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April 12, 2021  

Marcus joins the Fingers for this episode covering one of his favorite chapters:  A Ghost in Winterfell.  Together, we dive into the mysteries presented in this chapter where bodies start turning up without explanation and conflicts arise without need for explanation. Mystery is afoot, but so is psychological trauma.  So buckle in for a headier chapter of ASOIAF.  Also, we get to know Marcus, a possibly lesser known soul in the fandom, but his soul is that of a poet.  Listen in to be dazzled like we were!

We will be back in 3 weeks for our next Meet the Khalasar episode with Bloodrider Aaron. The host of the Star Wars Legends Lounge will join us with one of his favorite chapters, and we will get to know him a little bit better, and also delve deeply into his surprise selected chapter.

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Someone Always Tells, and I am here to tell you that this episode featuring Bloodrider Bobbie is a delight.  We delve deeply on The Princess in the Tower chapter of A Feast for Crows.  Just how impatient is Arianne?  Just how patient is Doran?  And what is the actual underlying conflict in this chapter that is far more important than the insurrection attempted by Arianne in the deserts of Dorne.  In this chapter, we learn a lot about what really drives Arianne as she approaches madness brought on by her solitude.  We also get to know Bobbie a lot better, and such a joy it was!  Listen to the Doctor dive in with some special insights about about what George gets right medically!

Meet the Khalasar will continue in three weeks with Bloodrider Virginie!  So join us for more fun and to get better acquainted with more friends in the fandom.  Also, if you are looking for more Davos’ Fingers fun, check us out at on Patreon, where we have special content for patrons every month, including movie reviews, coverage of other book series, and special ASOIAF episodes, including our next Whatifisode installment coming in March!

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February 8, 2021  

Justin joins Matt and Scad for Episode 108 where we meet the feisty Ser Cortnay Penrose and deal with some of Stannis’ inner demons, maybe even his shadow.  Stannis seeks surrender from a force well-protected behind the massive walls of Storm’s End, but Ser Cortnay isn’t having it.  However, Stannis has Melisandre, a priestess of R’hllor, on his side and is willing to resort to...other methods.  We spend the other half of the episode learning about our friend Justin.  A family focused lover of Batman and Star Wars, Justin fits right in!

Our Meet the Khalasar episodes have been a lot of fun, and we are going to roll forward with more of them for the time being as this winter has not yet brought us Winds.  So, check back with us in three weeks for the next installment with Bloodrider Bobbie!  In the meantime, check out our Patreon site where we recently released our review of Kevin Smith’s classic, Dogma.  We are also right on the verge of our second installment covering the excellent series I Am Mercury by Grant Piercy. Lastly, we have some special for-Patrons-only #asongofmadness content coming as well, so be sure not to miss out! Come find us on Patreon at www.patreon.com/davosfingers

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January 18, 2021  

In episode 107, bloodrider Katrina joins Matt and Scad to discuss Bran II from A Storm of Swords.  In this chapter we get the legendary story of the Knight of the Laughing Tree, but so much more.  We get history of the hills and locals, we get arguments about traveling by road, we get a meal of sausage and oatcakes, and we get skingchanging...attempts...ok, so it's MOSTLY the Knight of the Laughing Tree.  But what a story!  The real pleasure of this episode is getting better acquainted with Katrina.  From her illustrious career counting coppers to her hilarious stories about her family, she is a treasure and we hope you enjoy the episode as much as we did.

We are enjoying the meet the Khalasar series and it continues on with Bloodrider Justin in episode 108!  So check back in three weeks for that episode.  In the meantime, we continue our Films Get Fingered series for our patrons, with coverage of the Kevin Smith religious comedy Dogma.  So check us out on Patreon for more Fingers!

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November 9, 2020  

We introduce a new format in this episode:  Meet the Khalasar.  The whole goal of this format is to learn more about some of our friends, while delving deeply into each Bloodrider’s favorite chapter.  The first entry features Misa, our Queen of Gifs and Beauty, as we review her favorite chapter:  Sansa VII from A Storm of Swords.  We explore Sansa’s growth, her confidence, and her loneliness against the backdrop of unwanted advances from Petyr and truly unwarranted accusations from her troubled Aunt Lysa.   It’s a beautiful and iconic chapter and Misa joined in like an old pro.  We hope you enjoy!

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Selection Covered:  A Storm of Swords, Sansa VII mostly, but we duck in and out of other events in the main series.  So spoilers beware.


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