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January 18, 2021  

In episode 107, bloodrider Katrina joins Matt and Scad to discuss Bran II from A Storm of Swords.  In this chapter we get the legendary story of the Knight of the Laughing Tree, but so much more.  We get history of the hills and locals, we get arguments about traveling by road, we get a meal of sausage and oatcakes, and we get skingchanging...attempts...ok, so it's MOSTLY the Knight of the Laughing Tree.  But what a story!  The real pleasure of this episode is getting better acquainted with Katrina.  From her illustrious career counting coppers to her hilarious stories about her family, she is a treasure and we hope you enjoy the episode as much as we did.

We are enjoying the meet the Khalasar series and it continues on with Bloodrider Justin in episode 108!  So check back in three weeks for that episode.  In the meantime, we continue our Films Get Fingered series for our patrons, with coverage of the Kevin Smith religious comedy Dogma.  So check us out on Patreon for more Fingers!

Fans of George are friends of ours, so come find us and chat with us on Facebook, or via email at wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, on tumblr at davosfingers.com.  We can MOST often be found up to no good on twitter @davosfingers.  All kinds of support are important, but if you want a little more content, check us out on patreon.com/davosfingers!

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