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October 12, 2020  
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In Episode 103, we delve into a world in which Jaime does not toss Bran from a window, a lighter timeline...maybe.  In this timeline Jaime intimidates Bran into silence.  Bran goes south, Jaime is not a child murderer, and the 3-eyed crow has to make some choices.  This change obviously has huge impacts on Bran and Jaime as people, their arcs completely change.  But surprisingly, the Fingers think lots of things might actually stay the same.

We hope you enjoy this final regular release of Whatifisodes series.  This series will be continuing as a rotating part of our Patreon offering.  So if you really like the format, check us out there!  Next episode we will be bringing on Bloodrider Misa to talk about her favorite chapter:  Sansa VII from A Storm of Swords.  We will learn about Misa and what brought her to ASOIAF while we talk through that one chapter in depth.  We are really excited for it, so be sure to check that out in three weeks!  But for now enjoy this last Whatifisode.

Lastly,  send us some raven mail!  We can be found at wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, on twitter @davosfingers, at davosfingers.com, or you can find us and like us on Facebook.  Any little thought you have about the series or the podcast, we are here for it!!  Oh, also we have that whole Patreon thing goin on at patreon.com/davosfingers, with some new exciting content coming at you monthly!

Selection covered:  While we focus pretty heavily on Bran and Jaime themselves, this episode reaches out and touches lots of areas of the story, so it covers all books.

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