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August 31, 2020  
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Episode 101 brings us to Ned and his head.  If it doesn’t roll, what happens?  We have all been conditioned, now, to a world without Ned, but how much would really change if he were granted his pardon?  Well, the Fingers are here to explore.  What might happen if Ned were sent to the Wall, or what if he were exchanged for Jaime, recently captured in the Whispering Wood (Also Scad’s porn name)?

We are going to be doin a couple more What-If episodes before moving on to yet another format change to be revealed soon.  But for now, sit back and relax as we wander through another valley of possibility.

Please reach out to us.  We love hearing from fans of George’s work.  We can be found for complaints, suggestions and praise at wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, on twitter @davosfingers, at davosfingers.com, or you can find us and like us on Facebook.  Oh, also we have that whole Patreon thing goin on at patreon.com/davosfingers.

Selection Covered:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, there is no selection covered.  I mean Matt and I spent a good amount of time reviewing A Game of Thrones in general to try to remember what happened when, but this episode spirals out from there quickly going throughout the story, so spoilers beware for everything.

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