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April 20, 2020  

In this episode, the Fingers start exploring the Free Cities.  We wander the mazes of Lorath, try to avoid the lumber-rich mysterious forest of Qohor, and ascend the Sinner’s Steps in Norvos.  But this episode isn’t complete without a tour of the Quarrelsome Daughters. Myr, Lys, and Tyrosh are near mirror images of each other, but can’t get along, we talk about that too.

Catch us in three weeks as we finish off our coverage of the Free Cities, including a quick look at the queen jewel herself, Valyria.  After that, we are gonna mix it up a bit with a return to ASoIaF, but not, perhaps, in the way you are used to.  Stay tuned.

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Selection Covered: The World of Ice and Fire pages 252 through 265.  But as has been the case for some time, we will wonder all over the canon in this episode, so watch out! 

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