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March 30, 2020  

We traverse the southern portions of the map in Episode 96.  From The Summer Isles to Sothoryos and everything in between with deadly butterflies, wyverns, and pirate towns galore.  We also head north to mainland Essos, to look at the Dothraki Sea and its current and prior residents.  Lastly.  Ahem. Dragonbone.

Our dutiful coverage of The World of Ice and Fire continues as we plunge into our second episode on that material.  And we are gonna keep going.  We are tackling the Free Cities for the next couple episodes, starting with Lorath.  So read up!

Want to chat with us?  Or share a theory?  Or disagree vehemently with a take?  Please do. Reach out!  We can be found @davosfingers on Twitter, on Facebook, at wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, on our website at www.davosfingers.com.  If you want to support the Fingers on Patreon check out patreon.com/davosfingers

Selection Covered:  Everything covered in Episode 96 comes straight from The World of Ice and Fire, pages 277 to 293.  Everything is on the table though as we reference everything under the sun in this episode as well.

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