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March 2, 2020  

The Fingers of Davos gain a third tonight as Chloe of Girls Gone Canon joins the cast to talk The World of Ice and Fire.  Our first episode covering this tome, and it is a doozy.  From the Shivering Seas frozen in legend to the mystical walkers of the Ifeqevron, the Fingers (and Chloe) dive into some of the lesser known parts of Essos.  Then they cross the Bone Mountains and explore the empire of Yi-Ti and east to Asshai by the Shadow.  Not much is known of these strange lands by the Maesters of the Citadel, but speculation from the Fingers is not in short supply.

We have started our coverage of The World of Ice and Fire.  As is our wont, we are doing it a little differently.  We were very excited to jump ALL the way East, so we started at the end and will work our way back for a bit.  We will be working our way back for the next episode including coverage of the Dothraki!  So check back in 3 weeks!

If you would like to reach out and touch us, please do!  We are always eager to hear from George’s fans.  We can be found all over the place.  @davosfingers on Twitter is our most frequent haunt.  But we can be found on Facebook, at wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, on our website at www.davosfingers.com.  If you want to suppor the Fingers on Patreon check out patreon.com/davosfingers!

Selection Covered:  Everything in this episode (outside of speculation) can be found within The World of Ice and Fire from The Shivering Sea (page 294) through the end of the Asshai-By-The-Shadow section (page 309) and also the end of the book. 

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