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February 10, 2020  

In Episode 94 we get into some good old-fashioned family values...well, Targaryen Family Values. They are a little different.  Highlights Include:  drunken midnight rides through the city, kissing clubs, uncles that are younger than their nephews, ostracization, forced marriage.  Also in this episode is more deaths, especially in the birthing bed, but more births also...uh...from the birthing bed.  And as it does for us all, death comes for Alysanne and Jaehaerys. We also answer some questions from Bloodriders and play a fun Targaryen Name Game.  Enjoy!

Episode 94 also brings our coverage of Fire and Blood to an end.  We will be moving on to cover hand-picked sections of The World of Ice and Fire, starting with the section titled The Bones and Beyond.  So check back here in 3 weeks for the start of another fun adventure!

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Selection Covered: Everything in this episode can be found in Fire and Blood.  Specifically within the sections “The Long Reign” (pg 302) through “Heirs of the Dragon” (pg. 351).

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