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January 20, 2020  

The boys forge ahead through Fire and Blood in Episode 093:  Good Queen Alysanne.  In this episode Jaehaerys and Alysanne face tragedy as the Shivers bear down on Westeros.  They also make a progress up north where the winter’s cold and Alaric’s hospitality is the same.  Also, Alysanne flexes on her husband to end a sacred right to the Lords of Westeros, while Jaehaerys uses some windfalls of capital to improve infrastructure for his Kingdom.

In this episode we wanted to mention that we had a few audio issues in our recording.  In truth Matt was a hero in salvaging some spots.  We regret this departure from our normal level of quality and thank the Khalasar for their understanding.

This is our second to last episode of Fire and Blood as our bizarre journey through that tome winds to an end. After we polish that off, we will be jumping straight into some more ASOIAF, hand-picking sections from The World of Ice and Fire.  As is our custom, we aren’t going to make it easy, actually starting with the section called  “The Bones and Beyond”, which covers lands to the East, like Asshai. We will be hand selecting other selections as we go.

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Selection Covered:  The selection we will cover in this episode can be found in FIRE AND BLOOD: “Jaehaerys and Alysanne - Their Triumphs and Tragedies” (pg 253) through “The Long Reign” (pg 302). 

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