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November 4, 2019  

In episode 90, the Fingers finally reach into  the rule of Jaehaerys and Alysanne Targaryen, covering their early years, from arrival at KL with the help of Rogar Baratheon through their idyllic days on Dragonstone and everything in between. Listen in as Jaehaerys picks reconciliation over blood, Alyssa and Rogar get second chance at happiness, five Kingsguard earn their cloaks, and Alysanne picks a husband.

You may have noticed that we skipped over covering the Sons of the Dragon chapter. That's because we covered way back in Episode 081.  So go check that out first if you want a refresher on the rules of Aenys and Maegor Targaryen.

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 In this episode we’re jumping ahead to the beginning of the reign of Jaehaerys, the Conciliator. The content covered in this episode can be found in FIRE AND BLOOD: “Prince Into King”, “The Year of the Three Brides”, and part of “A Surfeit of Rulers”. That’s pages 107 through page 161 of the hardcover for those playing along. 

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