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April 29, 2019  

In Episode 84, we discuss the middle section of the Dance of Dragons wherein Rhaenyra goes on the offensive, Aemond lays waste to some empty fields and castles, and butchery and betrayal run rampant.  The various factions rise up against themselves, with leadership falling apart on the Green's side, and King’s Landing in near open rebellion against sitting Queen Rhaenyra.

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Selection covered:  While we were originally trying to cover TPATQ, Fire and Blood just provided so much more depth for this critical event in the history of Westeros.  So, we are focusing on pages 449 through 506 of Fire and Blood.  This will serve as basically the middle third of the entire conflict.  Beware, though, all material in the ASOIAF universe is covered, so there may be spoilers for future “Dance” events and other ASOIAF works!  So grab your favorite comfy blanket or turn up that car stereo and let us regale you on the beauty and chaos that is George’s world!

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