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December 21, 2018  

The Fingers dive into the first half of The Mystery Knight in Episode 079.  Dunk and Egg meet the dashing Fiddler, the intensely focused Glendon Ball, and the enigmatic Maynard Plumm as they convene as uninvited guests at a Wedding Tourney.  Add a Dragon’s egg, Dragon dreams, a secret conspiracy plot, and Ser Duncan grabbing a lance once again and you have a recipe for a rollicking good time.

We take on Bittersteel himself, Aegor Rivers, in this episode’s Who’s that Dragon installment.  And as always, we finish up with a rousing edition of Davos After Dark.

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Selection Covered:  Our reading section this week takes us from the beginning of The Mystery Knight on page 235 of The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms combined novella through page 298, right after Dunk’s first tilt in the Wedding Tourney. 

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