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July 16, 2018  

The Davos’ Fingers podcast has come to the conclusion of our Feast/Dance re-read in Episode 074:  The Blood Before the Pain.  Tears of joy and tears of sorrow.  But we soldier on!  In this episode Sam and Gilly reach Oldtown amidst Ironborn reaving.  Kevan deals with a docile Cersei, quarrels on the small council, and a quarrel in his chest.  There is unrest in Mereen as Barristan tries to calm the murder in the streets and maintain the peace outside the gates.  Lastly, Daenerys stumbles away from her Dragon and vaguely in the direction of Mereen, but finds an old enemy instead.

We’d like to thank Game of Owns for their reading order, which we enjoyed thoroughly.  Though we have finished it, you can always find it on afeastwithdragons.com.

We still maintained our spoiler free path in the main portion of the cast for those worried about Winds of Winter spoilers, but stick around for what may be the final Davos After Dark if you want deeper speculation and spoilers.

The Podcast is going on a bit of a break, but we are still here!  We will be on twitter, our email is not paused!  So send us your thoughts and ideas.  We’d love to hear from you at wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, on twitter @davosfingers, on facebook, on our tumblr at davosfingers.com, or on our patreon at patreon.com/davosfingers.

We will see you in a couple months when we kick off our coverage of A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms!

Chapters Covered: Samwell 5 (AFFC), Epilogue (ADWD), The Queen’s Hand (ADWD), Daenerys 10 (ADWD)

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