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April 17, 2017  

In Episode 55, the Fingers cover all the bases as Jon allows thousands of refugees through his wall, Dany has a steamy dream and gets tough on the Harpy, Theon reeks, Asha seeks the support of her countrymen as she strides toward the Seastone Chair, and Cersei suffers through yet another wedding..ughh.

If you want to read along with us, afeastwithdragons.com has the list.  Check out their list, and their podcast.  Game of Owns created this reading order and we have found that it strikes a nice balance between the two concurrent books.

Spoilers are always a problem, but your friends at Davos’ Fingers have your back.  We’ll protect those reading along at our pace against spoilers.  However, we also want to talk spoilers, so we indulge in special section at the end of the episode called Davos After Dark.  If you want to engage in some extra-curriculars, hang out a bit!

If you want to contact us, we can be found on twitter @davosfingers, through our tumblr at davosfingers.com, on facebook, or through the email at wearedavosfingers@gmail.com

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