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February 13, 2017  

Matt and Scad fearlessly tread through the waters of our first Cersei and Brienne POV chapters in Episode 52: Lies Kindly Meant.  It’s not just new minds to traverse though, we also learn Tyrion's whereabouts (and mental state) across the narrow sea, Sansa’s unpredictable and precarious situation in The Vale with “father”/creeper Pete Baelish, and finally how team Bran is doing north of the Wall as they search for the mysterious 3-eyed crow.

We are following along with the amazing afeastwithdragons.com order of chapters, brought to you by Game of Owns. Everything is not perfectly in order, so check out the list as we read along to get the full benefit.  You can also find our reading order on davosfingers.com.

This podcast will remain spoiler free as we analyze the chapters we cover in this episode, but we do love to talk theories, so we have a special section at the end of the podcast called Davos After Dark where all bets are off.  We’ll warn you with a jingle, but consider yourselves…uh…forewarned.

We love to hear from those that worship at the altar of George, so drop us a line.  We can be found on twitter @davosfingers, through our tumblr at davosfingers.com, on facebook, or shoot us some raven mail at wearedavosfingers@gmail.com

Covered in this Episode:  Cersei 1 (AFFC), Tyrion 1 (ADWD), Brienne 1 (AFFC), Sansa 1 (AFFC), and Bran 1 (ADWD).

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