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October 17, 2016  
It's time for a wrap up episode!  Episode 50 of Davos Fingers brings you our final thoughts on A Storm of Swords.

As usual, our wrap up episode features some Trivia.  Can you beat us at our own game.  Listen in, see if you know more than the Fingers, then let us know through whatever social media bragging post is your favorite!  Three Fingers enter, one Finger leaves...eww....

Another segment interspersed throughout the episode is a series of Top 5 lists provided by our listeners.  Everything from favorite sigil, to favorite sidekick, to favorite ASOIAF meals (and more!) is covered.  You have a better Top 5?  Let us know!

And in an attempt at a completely new segment, the Fingers are (more or less) proud to present the Red Wedding Reacharound!  Listen as we walk through the Red Wedding interspersing thoughts, feelings, quotes, and even drunken songs from three Westerosi characters that we just don't get enough of in the series.

Warning!  Spoilers lurk here.  We didn't constrain ourselves on the top 5 lists or in speculation during various points of this recording.  If you want to stay at our pace, stay away from this wrap up episode.

Lastly, the Fingers will be taking a break after this recording.  Due to the timing of this book finishing and where Holidays fall and whatnot, another episode for Davos' Fingers won't drop until January 16th!  This might be the perfect time to embark on that re-listening project you've been considering. HAR HAR.

Chapters Covered:  All or none.  Everything is in bounds here.
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