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August 15, 2016  

The Fingers arrive at….The Fingers!  Petyr returns home and Sansa finds a new one, while the Mountain finds a snake to kill and Jon welcomes some more men to the wall.  Also, while Brienne leaves town, Dany chooses to stay and rule.  It’s time to be a queen for realsies.

Spoilers will be avoided for those reading along for their first time.  That is until the final segment called Davos After Dark in which we spoil and love doing it.

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We also baked up another installment of Films Get Fingered this week.  It is tacked on to the end of the cast, so you if you like to hear us nerd out with each other about films, stick around.  We had a blast talking Ghostbusters.

Covered in this Episode:  A Storm of Swords – Sansa 6, Jon 9, Tyrion 10, Daenerys 6, Jaime 9. That’s chapters 68-72 of A Storm of Swords according to A Wiki of Ice and Fire.

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