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July 25, 2016  

In Episode 46, the Fingers start on Dragonstone where Davos saves a boy from his king and perhaps his king from himself.  Also, Jon gets his first command, on top of the wall, no less.  Arya and the Hound do some soul searching, Tyrion suffers through some good ol’ character assassination, and Jaime meets his new "Brothers".

We will take care to avoid spoilers for those reading along at our pace, but we do love to chat theories and speculation and will do so in our final section, Davos After Dark.

As always, if you want to drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you!  The fingers can be reached at wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, on twitter @davosfingers,on facebook, or check out our website at davosfingers.com

Chapters in this Episode:  Davos 6, Jon 8, Arya 12, Tyrion 9 and Jaime 8, all in A Storm of Swords

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