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July 4, 2016  

The Davos’ Fingers podcast is proud to bring you Episode 045 in which we get an inside peek at Sansa and Tyrion’s relationship.  We also have an extravagant wedding with a costly conclusion, a fleeing Jonquil, and a white knight returning to a King’s Landing in mourning,sort of.

We are spoiler free for those reading along at our pace.  But we do have a section at the end of our podcast for those that like to get down and dirty with some spoilers:  Davos After Dark.

Lastly, if you’d like to contact us, we’d love to hear from you.  You can find us at our tumblr site, davosfingers.com, through email at wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, @davosfingers on Twitter, or find us and like us on the Facebooks.

Covered in this episode:  A Storm of Swords Sansa 4, Tyrion 8, Sansa 5, and Jaime That’s chapters 59-62 of A Storm of Swords according to A Wiki of Ice and Fire.

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