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January 11, 2016  

In Episode 36, the Fingers guide you through an intense set of chapters.  Jon gets called out, Sansa gets a new dress (but why?), Arya attempts a daring escape from the Brotherhood Without Banners, Sam digs deep for some Kryptonite, and we meet the new small council.

Want to go beyond these chapters into fun speculation territory?  Join us for Davos After Dark, our spoilery section at the end of the podcast.  And after that, stick around for a new extra special segment, Films Get Fingered, in which the Fingers will gush, poke, and react to the new Star Wars film.

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Chapters covered in this episode – A Storm of Swords:  Jon 2, Sansa 2, Arya 3, Samwell 1, Tyrion 3. That’s chapters 15-19 of A Storm of Swords according to A Wiki of Ice and Fire

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