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December 21, 2015  

Episode 035:  Feeble Pieties is here!  In episode 35 Davos plots murder most foul, Jaime and Brienne take their journey over land, Tyrion can’t seal the deal, Arya gets a blast from her past, and we find out that Rob has made a fateful choice!

Davos After Dark is our Spoilery segment, but it happens way at the end.  So join us for chapter summaries and discussion all the way until that final segment if you want to avoid spoilers.  Don’t worry, we’ll warn you.

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Chapters Covered:  A Storm of Swords – Davos 2, Jaime 2, Tyrion 2, Arya 2, and Cat 2 or chapters 10-14 of ASoS according to the Wiki of Ice and Fire.

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