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November 23, 2015  

The Davos' Fingers Podcast is back in the saddle again to bring you the first episode covering A Storm of Swords.  To kick off ASOS this sweet, we start with Chett, brother of the Night's Watch who has his treasonous plans done in by 'other' factors.  Next we are treated to the delightful mind of Jaime Lannister as he shaves his head and travels the Red Fork, Catelyn stews after committing her own treason, Arya continues her harrowing escape, and Tyrion makes a play for Casterly Rock, his birthright.

We are spoiler-free for those readers following along at our pace. But beware the Davos After Dark section, there be spoilers.  Don’t worry, we’ll warn ya before it starts.

Also, if you want to send us some raven mail, we can be found at davosfingers.com, wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, @davosfingers on twitter, or find and like us on Facebook.  We love hearing from everyone and are eager to get right back into your meaty thoughts now that our hiatus is at an end.

Chapters Covered:  A Storm of Swords - Prologue, Jaime 1, Catelyn 1, Arya 1, Tyrion 1 or chapters 0-4 of ASoS according to the Wiki of Ice and Fire.

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