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September 14, 2015  

The Davos' Fingers Podcast is happy to bring you Episode 031.  This episode wraps up A Clash of Kings and it is a doozy.  Click to listen and you will hear how Sansa is set free (kinda), Winterfell is taken from the Ironborn as Theon ponders taking the black, Tyrion wakes from his battle-induced coma, Jon and Qhorin flee the wildlings, and Bran and Rickon emerge from hiding.

We are spoiler-free for those readers following along at our pace. That is of course until our end segment: Davos After Dark, in which anything goes.  Don’t worry, we’ll warn those looking to avoid spoilers before it starts.

Also, if you want to contact us just hit us up at davosfingers.com, wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, @davosfingers on twitter, or find and like us on Facebook.  There is still time to get in your questions for our Episode 032 questions from Ravenmailbag, so submit away through any of those media.

Chapters Covered:  A Clash of Kings - Sansa 8, Theon 6, Tyrion 15, Jon 8, Bran 7 or chapters 65-69 according to the Wiki of Ice and Fire

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