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August 31, 2015  

The Davos’ Fingers Podcast is proud to bring you Episode 30:  A Wolf Howls, a Lady Sings.  Inside you’ll hear Sansa sing for her life as the fate of King’s Landing hangs in the balance.  Also:  Tyrion deals death from, and to, his horse, Dany finds ships and some new allies via an old friend, and Arya, taking her fate into her own hands, returns to her wolfish ways.

We are spoiler free for those readers following along at our pace.  But if you want some juicy nuggets, hang around for our ending segment Davos After Dark, in which anything goes.  Don’t worry, we’ll warn those looking to avoid spoilers before it starts.

Also, if you want to contacts the Fingers, we’ve had some GREAT communication with fellow fans of GRRM in the last couple weeks, just hit us up at davosfingers.com, wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, @davosfingers on twitter, or find and like us on Facebook.  We also accept telepathy contact.

Chapters Covered:  A Clash of Kings - Sansa 6 and 7, Tyrion 14, Dany 5, and Arya 10 or chapters 60-64 according to a Wiki of Ice and Fire

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