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August 17, 2015  

War has finally come to King's Landing!  In episode 029, the Fingers will take our listeners on an aural journey from Riverrun, to Winterfell, then finish up in King's Landing.  Cat mourns two huge losses, how much more can she take.  Theon panics and takes it out on everyone else but himself.  Sansa prays for victory, but for whom.  And Tyrion's and Davos' armies take very different approaches to a very very green naval battle in the mouth of the Blackwater.

As always the Davos' Fingers podcast is spoiler free until the end of the episode for a segment that we call Davos After Dark.  So listen on without spoilers, then jump away when we warn you if you want to avoid them.

If you'd like to reach out to the Fingers, options are many.  @davosfingers on twitter, wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, find us on Facebook by searching for Davos' Fingers, or just check us out on Tumblr at davosfingers.com.  Being a part of this loyal fanbase is one of the highlights of doing this podcast.  So if you want to banter, hit us up!

Chapters covered this week:  A Clash of Kings - Catelyn 7, Theon 5, Sansa 5, Davos 3, Tyrion 13 or chapters 55-59 according to the Wiki of Ice and Fire

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