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July 20, 2015  

An exciting, death filled episode of the Davos' Fingers podcast.  Cat chews her fingernails while Edmure presses the Lannisters at the River.  The sea comes to Winterfell.  Arya concocts some delicious, but hot, weasel soup.  Tyrion preps for war, and Dany enters a house of those that just won’t die, or will they?

As always, the Davos’ Fingers podcast is spoiler-free for those reading along at our pace.  In this episode we have TWO spoiler-filled sections at the END of the podcast, so listen for the warning and turn away if you don't want to be spoiled.

We love hearing from all those people that love these books as much as we do.  So contact us with observations and obsessions.  We can be found @davosfingers on twitter, wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, on Facebook by searching for Davos Fingers, and through our Tumblr site:  Davosfingers.com

Chapters covered in this episode are all from A Clash of Kings: Catelyn VI, Bran VI, Arya IX, Dany IV,
Tyrion XI (OR chapters 45-49 according to A Wiki of Ice and Fire)

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