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July 6, 2015  

The Davos’ Fingers podcast is thrilled to bring you episode 26 wherein Dany gets a magic show, the people revolt in King’s Landing, Davos sees a shadow, Qhorin brings news of a victory and the reason for the Wildling gathering in the Frostfangs, and Tyrion gets physical with Shae and not in a good way.

As always, the Davos’ Fingers podcast is spoiler-free for those reading along at our pace.  That is UNTIL we reach our ending spoilerrific section:  Davos After Dark.

We love hearing from all those people that love these books as much as we do.  So contact us with observations and obsessions.  We can be found @davosfingers on twitter, wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, on Facebook by searching for Davos Fingers, and through our Tumblr site:  Davosfingers.com

Chapters covered in this Episode:  Dany 3, Tyrion 9, Davos 2, Jon 5, Tyrion 10 (chapters 40-44 of A Clash of Kings according to A Wiki of Ice and Fire)

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