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May 11, 2015  

Episode 022 of the should-be-winning-awards-for-awesomeness Davos' Fingers Podcast introduces new characters both great and small.  Tyrion's chapter introduces us to a new character, Wildfire, that we've heard much about, but never officially seen.  Bran gets to meet two mysterious Frogmen from the Neck who bring tidings from their father, a loyal Stark retainer.  In Catelyn, we meet Brienne the Beauty, a powerful warrior and (gasp) a woman.  Jon and co. finally find Wildlings north of the wall in the form of Craster and his many wives.  And finally, in Theon's chapter, we (and he) meets his sister Asha under some...tricky conditions.   Tricksy HOBBIT!

As always this cast is spoiler free for those of you reading along at our pace until our final section Davos After Dark where we will speculate and postulate on all of the released book material.  So spoilers beware for that section.

We love hearing from GRRM's loyal following.  If you have anything to weigh in with, correct us on, or praise us for, hit us up through twitter @davosfingers, email at wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, on our tumblr site davosfingers.com, or find and like us Facebook!  We are also on iTunes.

Chapters covered in Episode 022:  Tyrion 5, Bran 3, Catelyn 2, Jon 2, and Theon 2.   That's chapters 20-24 according to A Wiki of Ice and Fire. 

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