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April 27, 2015  

The Fingers are excited to bring you Episode 21 in which Bran hosts Robb's bannermen, Littlefinger offers some PR spin for Cersei, Tyrion spins a political web to ensnare more than just a spider, and Sansa finds a different kind of hope in the Godswood at King's Landing, and Arya and Gendry find a village that isn't on fire,

As always, the Davos' Fingers Podcast is spoiler free for those of us reading along at our pace until our final segment, Davos After Dark (da, da na nuh).  At which point, we will spoil like crazy.

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Chapters Covered:  Tyrion 3 and 4, Bran 2, Sansa 2, and Arya 5 (Chapters 15-19 according to A Wiki of Ice and Fire)

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