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April 13, 2015  

In episode 020, the Fingers of Davos take you from the Wall in the North to the Riverlands in the South and from The Iron Islands in the East to The Red Waste in Essos, with a brief stop on Dragonstone to kick things off.  

We see the Gods of the Seven burning almost as hot as King Stannis’ temper, Jon and the Night’s Watch encounter a wildling village, Arya’s band of misfit toys squares off against some Lannister Bannermen, Dany navigates her follows through desolation, and Theon takes a cab ride home.

As always, Davos’ Fingers is spoiler free for book readers following along at our pace until our final segment, Davos After Dark in which the spoiling is thicker than the smoke rising off of the seven after Mel gets through with them.

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This episode covering:  Davos 1, Theon 1, Daenerys 1, Jon 2, Arya 4 (Or chapters 10-14 of ACoK according to a Wiki of Ice and Fire).

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