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March 2, 2015  

Davos After Dark.  The Episode.  For the first time ever for the Davos' Fingers podcast, a completely spoiler-FULL episode.  For all those fans that love theories, conjecture, and to Dream of Spring, The Fingers walk through an almost completely unfiltered discussion ranging from North of the Wall all the way over to Dany in Essos.  What's going to happen?  The Fingers have some ideas.

This episode was a ton of fun to do  As always, hit us up with your thoughts on the episode @davosfingers on twitter, through our gmail account wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, find us on Facebook, or on our tumblr site Davosfingers.com or on Itunes.

See you in two weeks when we begin our slow devouring of aCoK...sounds meaty.

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