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January 5, 2015  

Happy New Year faithful Fingers followers!  In Episode 012, Davos' Fingers will take you to the Kingsroad for two familial reunions, to visit Sansa at court, and our first look at Eddard in the black cells.  Lastly, Catelyn will make a deal with a weasel that will have long lasting implications.  As always, our cast is spoiler free for book readers reading along at our pace until our episode ending session, Davos After Dark.  If you have questions or comments or want to yell at Scad for bashing Sansa all the time, reach out to us at davosfingers.com, through twitter @davosfingers, email at wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, or find us on Facebook.

Chapters covered: Catelyn 8, Tyrion 7, Sansa 5, Eddard 15, Catelyn 9 (Chapters 55-59 of Game of Thrones according to the Wiki of Ice and Fire)
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