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November 10, 2014  

Brooke, Matt, and Scad, the collective fist of the Davos' Fingers Podcast bring you Episode 008:  Our Knees Do Not Bend Easily.  Join us on today's episode as we delve into an ambush in King's Landing, an ambush in the Wolfswood, and a dream from long ago.  As always, we are spoiler free for new readers of the novels, but MIGHT cover some things that don't happen in the show.  We do have a segment at the end called Davos After Dark where we will spoil as much as we can if you are into that sorta thing.  As always, please give us your feedback!  We love to hear it on all fronts:  davosfingers.com, @davosfingers on twitter, email wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, or find and like us on Facebook.  Enjoy the episode and we'll see you in two weeks!

Chapters covered: Eddard 9, Daenerys 4, Bran 5, Tyrion 5, Eddard 10 OR chapters 35-39 according to the Wiki of Ice and Fire
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