Davos’ Fingers - A Song of Ice and Fire Podcast Three veteran fans re-reading A Song of Ice and Fire and podcasting our adventure along the way. Each episode covers five chapters. Spoiler-free, relaxed, and irreverent! davosfingers.com

September 1, 2014  

Episode 3 of the Davos' Fingers re-read Podcast starting with A Game of Thrones.  We'll give brief summaries of the chapters then nerd out as we analyze the crap out of them.  See our reading schedule at Davosfingers.tumblr.com for details on which chapters are included.  As always, no spoilers for those that are reading along at our pace, but we MAY discuss things that happen in the book that don't happen in the show.  Enjoy, tell your friends, and hit us up with any observations, critiques, or requests for discussion at wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, or on twitter @davosfingers.  Also available on Youtube, just search for Davos Fingers!

Chapters covered: Jon 2, Daenerys 2, Eddard 2, Tyrion 2, Catelyn 3 OR chapters 10-14 according to the Wiki of Ice and Fire
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