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December 1, 2016  

The Red Wedding ripped our hearts out, played tennis with them, ground them up into mush, then fed them to rabid animals. And that was just after the first time we read it. After the pain dulls to a low throb and we get our bearings back, we start to wonder how all the moving pieces of the Red Wedding conspiracy fit together; who planned what? Who talked to whom first? Why did so-and-so agree to it? From Tywin Lannister to Roose Bolton to Sybelle Spicer to Walder Effin' Frey himself, the web of conspiracy is twisted and complicated. It was these questions and more that Matt set out to answer a few months back in the first ever written Davos' Fingers essay, "It Is Wolves I Mean To Hunt: The Motivations of the Red Wedding Conspirators". Now, due to popular demand, we present this audio narration of Matt's essay. Oh, and did we mention that this recording includes the voice talents of all three Fingers? You won't want to miss Scad as Roose Bolton or Brooke as Fat Walda!

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