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February 16, 2015  

Episode 015 brings Game of Thrones to its thrilling conclusion!  Tyrion and Robb earn promotions, Jon flirts with desertion, and Dany fills the sky with smoke and the world with music that hasn't been heard a long while.  Come with the Fingers on this last episode of our chapter by chapter journey through Game of Thrones.

As always, we are spoiler free until our final segment called Davos After Dark.

Look out for a couple of special episodes coming your way in two weeks and don't hesitate to contact us with anything on your mind regarding the end of this novel, or the start of the next!  You can find us on twitter @davosfingers, through email at wearedavosfingers@gmail.com, through our tumblr site davosfingers.com, or on Facebook, just search Davos' Fingers.  Also on ITunes, and while your there, leave us a review!

Thanks for listening everyone, its been quite a ride, and the Fingers have enjoyed every second!

Chapters covered: Tyrion 9, Jon 9, Catelyn 11, Daenerys 10 (OR chapters 69-72 according to the Wiki of Ice and Fire)

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