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May 25, 2015  

The Fingers of Davos are proud to bring you Episode 023!  And what an episode it is, with Tyrion reflecting on what a triumph his life has become, dealing justice from the Iron Throne and building his political influence within King's Landing.  Arya learns to pray, while Dany is introduced as royalty in Mardis Qarth.  Meanwhile Bran reflects on his own dreams and the greendreams of his seeming new companion, Jojen Reed.

As always, the Davos' Fingers podcast is spoiler-free as long as you read along at our pace.  That is until the final segment, Davos After Dark, when we will go spoil crazy like 3 week old vegetables.

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Chapters covered: Tyrion 6, Arya 6, Danaerys 2, Bran 4, Tyrion 7, or chapters 25-29 of A Clash of Kings according to a Wiki of Ice and Fire

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